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About Loughton Voluntary Care

Loughton Voluntary Care has been active in the IG10 community for over 40 years. We provide transport for  older or less mobile residents to medical appointments – hospitals, clinics and surgeries. We also provide good neighbour services such as visiting and shopping services to housebound clients. 

LVC is committed to supporting older people in their desire to live  independently and to support their social inclusion.


Loughton Voluntary Care is entirely volunteer-led. Although expenses are reimbursed, no-one in LVC receives a salary or any other payment for their time.

Our Clients

Our Clients

In 2018 LVC served 248 clients living within IG10, many of them using us on multiple occasions. LVC made 617 trips to medical appointments, 20 received regular Good Neighbour visits and the escorted shopping trip was used on 250 occasions;   30 clients attended our 6 week Silver Surf Course, and 9 clients received help with garden clearance.  On average 12 people attended the Games Group each week.

Most clients hear of us through word of mouth and call LVC. Clients may be referred to us by social services, health services or other professional bodies, but families can also contact us direct if they help or support with befriending or medical transport for their family member.

Many of our clients are over 80, including a good number of nonagenarians. Some are ex-volunteers.  There are no age limits;  the only criterion is need due to mobility issues and residence in IG10.   There is no means testing; you will never be asked for details of your finances.   Before using the service, the client is normally interviewed to determine their needs and so that they understand how the service works.

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